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Are you looking for someone to take the things off your plate that you dread most about your business? Consider hiring a virtual assistant! I am offering virtual assistant (VA) services to help you focus on the things you love most about your business and take over those that you don't.


Teachers Pay Teachers

  • Redesign of product covers into a square shape
  • Rebranding/cleaning up old products (convert fonts for consistency, switching out borders/clip art, adding branded pages to products, etc.)
  • Proofreading and editing products 
  • Formatting products
  • Updating product descriptions and titles with new HTML tools
  • Transcription of videos (for courses, videos sold on TpT, etc.)
  • Designing cover images/previews
  • Converting paper documents to digital files
  • Creation of branded Terms of Use page
  • Product photography
  • Pinterest keyword research
  • Pinterest descriptions
  • Scheduling pins in Tailwind (paid account required)
  • TpT store catalog created via Airtable (affiliate link, but I use the free account) for use of tracking updates to your store


  • Proofreading and editing blog posts
  • Cleaning up old blog posts (link checking, update outdated information, link to related posts, etc.)

My Experience and Equipment

  • I am a former elementary teacher who spent 7 years in the classroom and taught grades 2-6.
  • I have my own Teachers Pay Teachers store that I opened in July 2011. I began working on my TpT store full-time in July 2018.
  • I've blogged using both the Blogger and Wordpress platforms. I have HTML experience.
  • I have an Etsy store where I sell invitations. I've been on Etsy since 2010 and am familiar with the ins and outs of their website platform.
  • I use Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest regularly and am familiar with their business platforms. I use Tailwind to schedule my own Pinterest pins on a monthly basis and Link in Profile to convert followers into buyers on Instagram.
  • I use ConvertKit and have experience transferring service from MailChimp.
  • I use Google Drive and have created Google Apps compatible resources for TpT.
  • I have both a PC and Mac laptop, which comes in handy when needing to test resources out on both operating systems.
  • I use PowerPoint to create my own resources and have access to the whole Office 365 suite of software. I have FlatPack for PowerPoint on my PC and can flatten PDFs or editable PPT files.
  • I use AirTable and Trello on a daily basis to organize and run my own business, as well as communicate with my clients on projects.
  • I use Adobe Acrobat to flatten and secure PDFs.
  • I use a Canon Rebel T6 digital camera for product photography. I have a ring light, various wood and solid color backgrounds, and seasonal and school supply props.
  • I have a subscription to PicMonkey for creating images with watermarks.
  • I have experience using Canva for social media ad/image creation.
  • Courses I've completed: TpT Focused Success, Becoming a Teacher AuthorTeacher Entrepreneur School, Seller Challenge Academy, Pinning Perfect, Smartphone Marketing School, Click It Up a Notch

Working With Me

  • I use Airtable and Trello to organize my own business and can easily collaborate with you for your projects with these platforms.
  • If you need to share files with me, Google Drive and OneDrive are two cloud services I use. I also have experience with Dropbox.
  • I track my time with LogMyHours. I can easily send you my timesheet if you want to see the hours I've worked.
  • I use HelloSign to send contracts to clients to digitally sign - no printing/scanning needed!
  • We can communicate via email, Facebook messenger, or use another service if you prefer.


  • $30 per hour, billed in 30 minute increments.
  • I accept PayPal only at this time.

Are you interested in working with me?

Send me an email at I will respond within 24 hours during the week (Monday-Friday).

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