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Celebrate Your Students with End of Year Awards

The end of the school year is always so fun with celebrations of learning and student growth. Many teachers celebrate students with award ceremonies, which are fun and exciting for the first few years of school...

Until you get to 4th or 5th grade and receive the reading award for the fourth year in a row. This was the biggest complaint I heard from students while I was in the classroom. They loved the idea of awards, but not so much that they would tend to get the same award over and over again.

How to Change Up Awards for Upper Elementary

The first thing I did was make a huge list of possible awards for students, taking their input and surveying other classes as well. I wanted to make sure unique ideas were added to the list - we all know students at this age love to be different and think outside the box!

I ended up with 192 ideas! Some ideas were for the same type of award but had a different title, and that was okay by me. Having this huge list was a time saver for me each year.

The way students were chosen to receive each award has varied from year to year. Sometimes I had a class president and vice president and they would choose. Sometimes I would choose. And sometimes I had the whole class privately vote. It didn't matter which way I did it, students were always surprised and happy with what they got an award for.

Time Saving Editable Templates

To save myself time each year, I created editable templates that I could easily type right into with the award name, student name, and date. No more reinventing the wheel each year or printing and handwriting each award. The result was fun, professional looking awards to hand out to students.

Download these templates for FREE to try out my editable awards!

Using Awards Throughout the Whole School Year

In my third year of teaching, we started a (7 Habits of Happy Kids) Habit of the Month ceremony for the elementary school. I was head of the committee and created awards we could use for the ceremonies. This turned into teachers and my administrators asking for birthday certificates, math fact timing awards, certificates for Spelling Bee and Science Fair participants, etc. Creating templates that could be used all year was an even better addition to my collection of end of year awards!

Other Ideas for Student Awards

Take a picture of each student with their award (as long as you have photo release permission) in front of a fun backdrop. Get the pictures printed as a 4x6 keepsake for students/parents. This is what I did each year!

Some teachers like to give out candy bars or something small from the dollar store with their awards.

Have students sign the back of each other's awards so they have each other's "autographs".

Print your awards at half size (two awards to a page) and recognize students for the awesome things they do throughout the school year.

Want my editable templates of student awards?

Click here to purchase the student award templates. They are editable and come with a list of 192 award ideas, so you are able to customize the awards to fit your exact needs. 

How do you celebrate students at the end of the year? Let us know in the comments!

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