February 2016 - The Learning Effect

Tech Thursday: Save For Later on Facebook

Today I have a super cool (and useful) tip for you!

Have you ever been browsing Facebook and come across an article, picture, link, etc. that you want to look at later? Maybe you're on your phone and you want to visit a link to register for something - but on your computer where you can actually type efficiently. Or perhaps you want to save a picture of a lesson that your favorite teacher blogger has shared to reference later. Or it might be that you want to read an article later, but you're headed to the doctor and need to put your phone away. Well, my friends, there's an easy way to simply save these things for later.

Teacher Planner Users: I Need Your Help! ... Plus a Giveaway

This year I'm attempting to be proactive and get started on my teacher planner updates early. I know what I want and use in a planner, but I know we all have different wants/needs as far as a planner goes. I've created a survey to get your input on what you'd like to see added to or changed in the planners, what you use that's already included, where you're from, how you prefer the weekly planning pages, etc. This will help me create a planner for YOU more so than for me. ;)
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