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Classroom Reveal: 2015-2016

Woo! It's been a long two weeks for me, but my classroom is finally about done. My bulletin boards don't have any content, but that's the least of my worries. It's good enough for me at this point.


I got over my fear of my Silhouette Cameo and started cutting out vinyl for my classroom this year... I bought it before school started last year, but was clueless on how to even begin, so in the box it sat. One of my 6th grade teammates this year taught me how to use the Cameo, and now I'm good to go.


Directly above my door is my Green Bay wall.

Curtain: Target // Curtain Rod: Target // Curtain Clips: Target // Green Bay Swag: NFL Shop

Green Bay Packers

I am not a monthly calendar {where you have to change the numbers/month title each month} type person...or a birthday chart person. I always buy a monthly desk calendar from Target and hang it on my wall by the door. I write tests, events, birthdays, etc. on this calendar and then the kids and parents can check it whenever they want. Much easier.

My charter is "entrepreneurial focused", so I have my entrepreneur signs by the door. My class mission statement {which is required at our school} will also go by the door once my class writes it together. Also, every Friday students nominate a classmate for Role Model of the Week. They love it.

My whole "theme" this year is rainbow and chalkboard. New classroom + new grade = new theme. I am in love.

This new classroom could be the death of me though, as far as setting up desks. They may just stay this way the whole year. I tried...and tried...and tried. 27 is not a good number for desks...or groups. I had desk setup down to a science in my last room -- probably because I had been in there for three years.

I use black felt on my bulletin boards. I've had the same felt for the last three years. I love that it doesn't fade and you can't see the holes from hanging things up. Plus, it's much easier to hang than butcher paper, and you don't have to overlap it.

Borders: Creative Teaching Press -- Chalk It Up! Dotted Swirl Border & Painted Palette Rainbow Paint Chip Border // Subject Banners: Amy Groesbeck // Mini Clothespins // Twine // Command Hooks // Felt: JoAnn Fabric

Classroom Supply Labels: Maria Manore // Colored Drawers: Target

This year I am not hanging up a daily schedule that changes. I am so over that. It just doesn't work for me. Instead, I created signs to hang in the room.

Borders: Creative Teaching Press -- Chalk It Up! Dots on Chalkboard! White Border & Painted Palette Ombre Rainbow Scallops Border // Subject Banners: Amy Groesbeck // Mini Clothespins // Twine // Command Hooks // READ Strategy: Amy Groesbeck // Short Bookshelves: Walmart

My library has shrunk quite a bit. I had to store two big totes of books that are too low for sixth grade. And since I'm obsessed with books, I'm sure I'll fill it all right back up.

Library Baskets: Really Good Stuff {square / medium rectangle / large rectangle} // Library Basket Label Holders: Really Good Stuff // Basket Labels: I made them, but I do not sell these black labels. // READ Letters: Tutorial on My Blog // Subject Banners: Amy Groesbeck // Mini Clothespins // Twine // Command Hooks // Tall Bookshelves: Target // Writing Center: Really Good Stuff (no longer available) // Stools: IKEA // Small Black Tables: IKEA

I have a librarian student job position in my classroom and two years ago one of my students came up with the idea of having library hours and an open/closed sign. Since my library was always beside my whiteboard, it was just a sign that hung with a magnet. Now that my library is on the opposite side of the room from the whiteboard, I needed a new way to display the open/closed sign.

One of my sweet girls that I have this year {and had two years ago...and her mom is the assistant principal at my school} came in to help me with my classroom this week and had this brilliant idea of just sticking the signs in the outside sleeves of a binder. That way, it stands up and is easy to display. #genius

Last year I had my students take the 40 Book Challenge. This year, we're going to go at it again. I made genre signs for the genres they have to read from so they can easily identify books. I've also put genre stickers inside the cover of every book. {That took a lifetime last year to accomplish, but I'm so glad I did!}

Love this sign. A student who I had two years ago painted it for me for my end of year gift. I have her again this year!

Shelving Unit: IKEA // Rainbow Drawers

3-Drawer Storage // 3-Drawer Labels: Ladybug's Teacher Files

White Cart: IKEA // Turquoise Cart: IKEA // Tall Bookshelves: Target // Mini Whiteboard Easels: Scholastic Reading Club {you have to use your bonus points to get them}

I made this with my Silhouette Cameo, too! All three 6th grade classes have this above the whiteboards. It's our grade level motto this year. I absolutely love it!

Class Hand Signals: My TpT Store // Student Mailboxes: Really Good Stuff // White Storage Boxes: Target (no longer available) // Clear Document Boxes: Really Good Stuff // Dry Erase Dots {green / blue} // Subject Banners: Amy Groesbeck // Mini Clothespins // Twine // Command Hooks // Small Black Table: IKEA // Arrow: IKEA (no longer available) // Blue Pocket Chart // Decor on Top of Student Mailboxes: Target Dollar Spot

Voice Level Posters: My TpT Store

This wall seriously needs something...

And those hooks...I can't even. Not going to work for 27 sixth graders...especially since there aren't 27. There are 26. Sure, they added some over by the door, but they are not useful because I have tables and computers and such there. My sanity will be tested.

I still have more to hang up, but I'll get there. My classroom looks pretty darn good if I do say so myself.

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  1. Love your room!
    Can you tell me where I can get a copy of your Leader in Me posters?


  2. Hi, I just bought your 40 book challenge from TPT, and I am wondering what did you use to put the genre stickers inside each book?

  3. I'm starting a new year at a new school and fishing for classroom ideas to center around the 40-book challenge theme. Your room leaves me speechless! One question is how best to stick papers to the wall without stapling or leaving marks.

  4. how did you make the melonheadz vinyl?


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