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The Sunday Scoop {April 5, 2015}

Today I am linking up with Teaching Trio for The Sunday Scoop!

Have To...

1. My chevron teacher planner is almost completely updated. I decided to add some new forms to the pack and make the calendars go completely through 2016, instead of just through June 2016.
2. End of level tests are coming. Just 3 weeks away. Not much more to say to that one.
3. The charter school I work at is in its 3rd year since opening. We decided this year that we'd like to implement a school-wide behavior plan. I'm the chair of the committee, and right now I'm working on the teacher handbook. Hopefully, I'll be done with that soon...I'm over it.

Hope To...

1. I'm trying so hard to save money and eat healthy...which means meal planning is a must. I'd like to ideally plan out two weeks. We'll see if I have time.
2. I think I set a new record for myself...5 days of working out now. Ha! Since I'm working hard on TPT products and school-related stuff, sitting at my computer most nights and weekends, I need to make sure I'm staying healthy. Hence the workout routine. I think I can handle 30 minutes a day. Right now I'm doing the 21 Day Fix workouts. I like that they're different every day for 7 days. Wish me luck!

Happy To...

I've been on Spring Break since Thursday. I'm happy to continue to enjoy my break until I go back on Tuesday. :)

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog earlier! I came over to follow you in return! I am struggling to keep my meals more affordable. I have to lower my grocery expenses.


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