July 2014 - The Learning Effect

Now on TPT: Scientific Method Posters + a Giveaway


Yesterday I spent the day working on some updates to files that I already have in my store. One of the files {Apple Mummification Science Experiment} was in need of a serious visual update. As part of that lesson, I included Scientific Method Posters. In the science experiment file, the posters are striped. I decided to take the posters and make a chevron version to sell in my store as it's own file. It also comes with a worksheet.

Monday Made It: Student Reward Punch Cards + a Giveaway


During my first year of teaching, I blogged about student reward punch cards on my other blog, The Nest Effect. I created punch cards through VistaPrint, using their loyalty card template. Who knew the post would be so popular on a blog that isn't related to education? Thanks to Pinterest it became one of my top 5 most popular posts on my blog. {See the post, here.}
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