June 2013 - The Learning Effect

Teacher Planners for 2013-2014 on Sale This Weekend

I have finally finished updating all of the teacher planners for the 2013-2014 school year. I have added tons of pages from what I started with last year. The biggest addition is the weekly planning pages that are already prefilled for you. You can still change the text on the pages since it's a PowerPoint file, but it definitely saves going through and adding every single week yourself.

This weekend {from now until July 1, 2013} all of the teacher planners in my TPT store are 20% off.


Now on TPT: Teacher Planner - Plain

I created another option in design for my teacher planner files that is plain. I have a male teammate who I created a planner for, and he wasn't into the chevron design, so I made something more simple. The file is complete with all the same files as the other teacher planners and is $15. {Something to remember about all of my teacher planners -- when I update them each summer, you get to download the revisions for free, so this is a one time buy!}

Here are the preview pages...


Science Curriculum Review Board Games {Student Created}

At the end of the year, I had students create their own board games in small groups for the purpose of reviewing for the CRTs {Utah's end of year test}. Their only requirement was to have at least 5 questions from each of the 6 topics {water cycle, weather, fossils, rocks and minerals, Utah's environments, soil} we studied this year within their game. They were free to choose how they would create and run their game - complete with game pieces, question cards, and instructions. Students definitely enjoyed reviewing for the CRTs this way rather than through lecture!

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