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Now on TPT: Basic Geometric Shape Posters & a Spring Sale!

Back in August, I added my 3D Geometric Shape Posters to TPT. These have been a huge seller on TPT and I've had requests for basic shape posters.

Last night I added basic shape posters and a pack of both the basic shapes and 3D shapes to both of my stores. Check them out!

Basic Geometric Shape Posters - $2.00

Basic & 3D Geometric Shape Posters Pack $2.75

The first three readers to comment below and tell me what your favorite math resource {with your email address included, please} will receive this double shape set for free. =]

Also... everything is 20% off until Friday, March 15th for a Spring Fever Sale! 



  1. Hello! Thus far my favorite math resource is the blog Little Minds At Work...She helps me with place value and all sorts of kindergarten concepts that are tough to teach! Plus I love the Math Workstations book.

    woods.courtney (at)

  2. I really like the blog Everybody is a Genius. But honestly, I get great ideas and resources from all over. I teach secondary students with special needs, and I find great stuff from blogs of all ages. There are so many amazing, talented teachers on the WWW!


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