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Help Please! Classroom Library Basket Labels

My classroom library is a mess. I've been purchasing new books like crazy over the last few months to make my library more grade appropriate. Being in 2nd grade last year, I had a lot of picture books. I've been purchasing chapter books from Scholastic, Amazon, and Sam's Club over the last few months and my library needs some revamping.

Last year I purchased baskets from Really Good Stuff for my classroom library. I also bought a labeling set {which appears to no longer be sold separately}with clear vinyl sleeves with plastic rings that fit 5" x 1.5" labels in them. I had to leave the baskets since the school reimbursed me for them, but I took the labels since I paid for them. I've created labels to fit these sleeves and need your help. I have 13 pages with 6 labels on each page, which include a variety of genres and nonfiction topics. I need your help to add more genres and/or topics to my library. I know series are popular, and I'd love to add series to the set as well.

Please comment and let me know what other topics/genres/series are of interest to you. Leave your email with your comment and I'll email you the set for free, once finished. I'll be adding this set to my Teacher & Classroom Organization Labels on TPT.

Here's what I have so far...

Thank you! =]


  1. I can't think of anything you missed. Have you thought at all about using QR codes on books? A librarian in our school had students write reviews of books from the library. Then they were published to a webpage and a QR code to that webpage was added to the book. Students using iPod touches and other QR readers were able to scan books and read the reviews by other students and determine if they wanted to read the book or not. You could easily do this on a small scale for a classroom library.

  2. Boxcar Children and Nancy Drew are excellent series, although boxcar children may just be for the lower readers in your class. I cant remember how they match up to fourth grade. Harry Potter of course is very popular. I would recommend Chronicles of Narnia as another fantasy series. If you have an iPhone or Droid, there are library apps that you can scan in all your books and when your kids want to check one out they scan the isbn barcode and enter their name so you know who has what book. Looks like you have all the genres.

    Enjoy getting your library organized!

  3. The only things I can think of might be something along the lines of community helpers (police, firefighters, etc.), medieval times, astronomy (although this sort of goes with solar system), pets (although, again, this kind of goes with animals), or something along the lines of anime?? Just a few thoughts!

    Miss V's Busy Bees

  4. As always your labels are so pretty. I gave all my books away when I moved to middle school because I'm teaching just math now. I sort of miss my library though, and I would have loved to try out that iPhone app for cataloging my library and having kids check out books. It looks so cool.


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