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This Year's Classroom {2012-2013}

Tomorrow is the big day! I've spent the last week and a half setting up from scratch. While it was nice to have a brand new room and furniture to work with, that's about all that I had. It was up to me to purchase bookshelves, extra tables, and everything else. I can be reimbursed for these things, but it was a lot of work to go shopping, lug them into the school, and put everything together.

The pictures below are inconsistent because they were taken on two different days. Ignore that when viewing, please. =] I created a lot of the decor/signs myself, and I'll share soon.

tables from IKEA

bookcase from IKEA

A coworker asked me to make one of these signs for her files. I loved the idea, so I made one for me, too! Inspired by Finding Joy in 6th Grade.

Drawers from Walmart. Students turn in work in the correct drawer.

Cart from IKEA.

Table & stools from IKEA. Baskets from Dollar Tree. Bookshelves from Walmart.

Banner created on Vistaprint. Design by technology rocks. seriously.

Numbers are calendar numbers found at a local teacher store.

Poster created on Vistaprint. Design by technology rocks. seriously.

Frames from IKEA. I'm going to use them for homework.
I'll share Open House/Back to School Night pictures and documents I used later this week.


  1. Congratulations on your hard work and efforts. Your room looks inviting and incredible. Have a great start to your year. :)

  2. You've done a great job! I love the owls! I had that set last year. It's just so cute!

  3. Hi! The room looks great! Could you tell me more about your behavior management hanging chart by your desk? How is it made? Are those laminated sheets? What does each level say? Love the idea! Good luck!

  4. The room looks ready for action. You've done a great job, Tiffany.

  5. Kind of makes me want to be back in the classroom instead of the library this year. Looks great. Gotta remember the Ikea tables for another year.

  6. I love how organized you are! I am definitely going to have to steal a few ideas!

  7. I LOVE your classroom. It's clean, pretty, and organized.


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