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Now on TPT: 3D Geometric Shape & U.S. Money Posters

I have really been going nuts lately, making lots of stuff for my TPT store.

Yesterday I uploaded two new files for purchase: 3D Geometric Shape Posters and U.S. Money Posters.

3D Geometric Shape Posters $1.20

U.S. Money Posters $1.00

First FOUR people to comment & tell me your favorite math resource will receive BOTH of these poster sets for free! {Be sure to leave your email in the comment so I can email the files to you!}


  1. My favorite math resource right now is Pinterest. I've been teaching 5th grade Math for 8 years, so my main goal right now is to "spice" things up with my teaching so I don't get stuck in a pattern of doing the same things year after year. I love looking at people's boards on Pinterest for hands-on ideas and other strategies I can implement in my classroom.
    Thanks for sharing all your great ideas Tiffany! I enjoy following this blog and The Nest Effect!
    scarroll1976 at gmail dot com

  2. Very cool posters! One of my favorite math resources are fraction tiles. With an increased emphasis on fractions in fourth grade in the last few years, I have used these a lot and it helps students to have concrete tiles to use and manipulate. :)


  3. I'm a secondary mathematics certified teacher and one of my favorite math resources is It has math games that students actually like to play, lesson ideas, and practice activities. I find that it's a great resource for kids to use when they need help with homework.


  4. For teaching math, I recommend illuminations. It is supported by NCTM and has fantastic interactive technology based manipulatives. These can be used on your Smartboard, or any computer. Thanks for the wonderful ideas and inspiration to be the best teacher I can be:)

  5. Of course I'm number 5 but I'll comment anyway. Favorite Math Resource would have to be Illuminations and the National Manipulatives Library. Love all the options for infusing technology into instruction each day. i also enjoy exploring the "many" math websites collected by Shannon at TechnologyRocksSeriously! I never know just what I will find!

  6. #6. Oh well! I second the recommendation for secondary. I learned about it from my daughter when she was in second grade. Since then it has become favorite of mine and of my 6-12 grade students.


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