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I Need Your Help! Teacher & Classroom Organization Labels

I've been working on Teacher & Classroom Organization Labels for my TPT & TN stores. I need your help!

There are 117 different labels and 2 different styles/sizes. {So, total, there are 234 labels}. I included days of the week, months, common supplies, etc. The whole point of this file is to help you organize your classroom with fun labels. Since I know I can't think of every thing on my own, I'm asking for your help!

What other labels could I included in this file that would help you organize your classroom?

Here's what I have so far:

Thank you for your help!


  1. I use rubbermaid shoebox bins for extra supplies for students to use. It helps with primary students to have a picture attached to each supply, pencils, highlighters, post its, crayons, markees, rulees, etc. I also like to label writing tools in the qriting center like pencil cup, markers, pens, loose leaf paper blank paper card stock construction paper. Which are each housed in a stacking file container. I like to have two cups by my pencil sharpener labeled with sharp/dull. As a technology teacher I also have my own labels that I put up with technology tools we will use in class with images of laptop,smart board, digital cameras, flip cams, ipod touch, ipad etc. Very excited to see the completed set. Hope these suggestions are helpful! ~Carrie carrietrudden@gmail.com

  2. I use rubbermaid shoebox bins for extra supplies for students to use. It helps with primary students to have a picture attached to each supply, pencils, highlighters, post its, crayons, markees, rulees, etc. I also like to label writing tools in the qriting center like pencil cup, markers, pens, loose leaf paper blank paper card stock construction paper. Which are each housed in a stacking file container. I like to have two cups by my pencil sharpener labeled with sharp/dull. As a technology teacher I also have my own labels that I put up with technology tools we will use in class with images of laptop,smart board, digital cameras, flip cams, ipod touch, ipad etc. Very excited to see the completed set. Hope these suggestions are helpful! ~Carrie carrietrudden@gmail.com

  3. Hi,
    I would love to see labels for classroom areas - eg reading corner, listening post, puzzles as well as larger labels for children's books for each subject. Labels for classroom furniture and equipment would be great too, to help children learn to spell those words.
    Thanks for all that you do it had been amazing checking out the things you have created. I hope these ideas help.

    My email is smm2003 (at) y7mail (dot) com


  4. Good Morning,

    I love the labels. I would like to see some labels that included Emergency Information so this could be easily located and match the rest of the labels. Also a cute label that said Birthdays that would match the month labels you already had so I could make a cute display for student Birthdays. Other label ideas I thought of include mailboxes and class library. Thanks!


  5. Hi Tiffany! I'd love to see something along the line of labels for technology (iPads, iPhones, iPods, projector, whiteboard, document camera, etc) and labels for different genres (biography, fiction, nonfiction, fantasy, historical fiction, mystery, poetry, etc.) for the class library to be switched in and out. I'd also love to see seasonal labels for things like diecuts or seasonal decorations or anything that's seasonal - Thanksgiving, Halloween, Valentine's Day, Winter Holidays, Arbor Day, etc. Just a few thoughts!

    These are super cute, Tiffany!

    Miss V's Busy Bees

  6. These look great. I would love to see book genres for my library. Fiction non fiction, historical fiction, adventure, biographies, etc. thanks!

  7. Also classroom jobs. Line leader, lunchroom helper, pencils, computers, line monitors, desks, clean up,

  8. Classroom teachers may need labels for specials - art, music, P.E./gym, guidance, library, etc. However, I am a music teacher and would need a different set of labels just for my music room!

  9. These look awesome! I would love to see some for my helper chart or classroom jobs. The number one job in my room is the meeting board helper. Some of our other jobs are line leader, paper passer, librarian. Thanks for making these. They are too cute!

  10. Writing Folders (at the school district here they keep the writing folders in boxes or crates not in student desks so they don't get lost or damaged since they move with them each year), Rough Draft Paper, Final Draft Paper, Plain Paper or Drawing Paper (plain white paper), Colored Paper, Construction paper. Also the special- art music, gym, etc for teacher to use to post a schedule. With some Blank editable places for times would be cute. Dry Erase Boards or Chalk Boards is another good one, we have individual small boards that students can use for different activities. Lunch Choices with Choice #1, Choice #2, or Brought to do with them... at our school as part of the morning routine we have to send lunch counts to the cafeteria so most classrooms have a place where students put their name magnet under their options so we just have to count not ask each student. I also really like the classroom job and helper options. Also, Library Cards is a good label, we use the county library (bookmobile) and the teacher has to keep track of the cards so having a label to stick on the box would be good... then subs know where they are. The more labels the better for subs... so they know where everything is. Other supplies include Staples, and Tape Refills. THEY LOOK AWESOME BY THE WAY :-)

    askdockris@ hotmail. com

  11. I would suggest giving some numbered labels. I am a high school teacher, so I organize by what period the class is (1st period, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) I know that this addition would make this set useful to high school teachers as well as elementary or middle.
    I love the design of these! I like having a more colorful way to organize my classroom!

  12. I see you have one for binder clips but what about paper clips, trash, and recycling. And also some for (public schools)for nurse, restroom & office- these would be for when kids check out they can put there name by them or what ever the class has.

  13. I agree with the class periods (being a high school teacher). Also, a lot of people are doing CAFE or CRAFT. I would suggest making those too!


  14. Oh I LOVE the design and all your labels so far! What I'd love to have are small labels (like the circle ones you have above) with numbers 1-30 on them. (I had 29 kids last year, yikes). I use numbers often so I don't have to redo names all the time. For example, I like to number their book boxes and also their backpack hooks, but need something colorful and coordinated. Cute for sure!!

  15. I agree with the comment for numbers. Also labels for graph paper and unlined math practice paper.


  16. Already some other great ideas given - my suggestion would be something with parent communication. I want to do a good job of logging communication with parents this year. Maybe: correspondences with home, class newsletters, parent contact list, etc.

    Another idea: labels for inside kids' folders. "bring right back / left at home" (emphasis on left and right) or "leave home / bring back" type of thing.


  17. Did you include labels for Title 1, music and Physical Education? These would be great for displaying the schedule. If the schedule was not your intention then ignore my comment.
    I would also like to see labels with numbers for students and the clock (5 min. intervals).
    Your work looks Fabulous!!!
    Where Seconds Count

  18. WOW, looks like you thought of everything and I probably should have read over some of the other comments before writing mine, but I wondered if you had considered doing labels for guided reading; for example book groups (1-10) and guided book sets (A-Z) and then resources used during guided reading groups like white boards, magnetic letters, reading journals, pointers. You could probably do a whole other set of labels just for that : ) It would also be nice to have labels for writer's workshop; for example writing journals, books, lined paper, unlined paper, dictionaries, etc.
    Thanks for all your hard work on these, hope I was able to help!


  19. I forgot to leave my e-mail, although responding to my post will automatically e-mail me.
    Thank you so much for sharing you hard work!
    Where Seconds Count

  20. I love this.... I'm not a teacher but I'm a aid to 2 special needs children. I'm starting a binder this year with daily goals along with year-long goals. I know not all teachers have to deal with children that go to therapy (speech, physical, occupational) but some of the teachers here along with me do. It be great to see labels for that so that they could keep track of who goes where and when. Also maybe some colors for those of us who separate by colors?


  21. I definitely agree about the technology labels: labels for Ipods, Ipads, laptop computers, etc. Also, what about password labels to put on the laptops that teachers can just print off and record passwords. Just a thought. So far these are great!


  22. Hi, Tiffany! Thanks for doing this incredible amount of work and for being open to suggestions.

    A few suggestions for you: Numbers (for calendars, student bins, "BOGGLE" style math games); genre labels for classroom libraries (some that upper grades find useful that aren't common to elementary lists include urban fiction, paranormal, teen romance, narrative non-fiction, featured authors, featured books); labels for common math manipulatives (algebra tiles, color tiles, fraction squares, cuissenaire (sp?) rods, linking blocks, unifix cubes, patty paper, measurement tools - I lump my rulers, compasses, protractors, and tape measures here), pet supplies (for those of us with classroom pets).

    Hope that helps some.


  23. Hi Tiffany.
    These look great- id like to see class jobs, like a roll monitor, lunch order monitor, and hand out monitor.
    Perhaps also one for working volume e.g shhh, whisper, quiet talking.

    Write_2_sheilz at hotmail.com

  24. What about labels for your classroom library? You can make labels for all the different bins you divide your books in to as well as however you organize the shelves of the library.
    Have fun!

  25. Love that you're asking for other's opinions!
    What about math games, word wall, flash cards.
    I label my construction paper by color, so what about all the colors...??


  26. My students use band-aids like crazy so I'd like a label for that! I also could use one for cough drops - both of these I keep in a small 3 drawer unit. Also, what about a sign for "Morning Work?" Thanks for all your ideas - you rock!

  27. What about labels for classroom helpers (para's, parents, grandparents, ect.) What about labels for parent contact forms? Other random categories for sight words, word work, etc.


  28. Places where my class is throughout the day: gym, music, computers, spanish, library, art, church (I taught at a catholic school), recess/lunch.

    Sharpened and Needs Sharpened Pencil cans

    North, South, East, West

    I used labels for my indoor recess shelf: puzzles, games, marbles, cards, dominoes, legos, etc. so the kids would know where to return the item and the shelf would stay neat.

    Reading genres: nonfiction, fiction, poetry, history, autobiography, biography, science, fantasy


  29. I would use labels for Lexile scores. BR, 100's, 200's, etc..

    I would use a label that says "Teacher Supplies"

    That's all I can think of right now! Love your blog!


    1. awesome, awesome idea of lexile level labels....love it!

  30. Hi Tiffany!

    I teach secondary and might like to see some labels for periods to put on class folder bins/file cabinets...just simply "1st, 2nd, 3rd..." or even numbers for labels. Also, an "absent" label for students who are absent to pick things up?

    Looks good!

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  32. How about band-aids, rulers, rubber bands, tape, erasers, construction paper, decorative computer paper, graph paper, binder clips, paper goods such as plates, cups, plastic spoons and forks, napkins, snacks. You could do labels for science supplies like magnifying glasses, stopwatches, slides, petri dishes, test tubes, etc. Sorry if some of these are duplicates! Your labels are beautiful!

    Keep Calm & Imagine

  33. WOW Tiffany, this is AMAZING!!!!! What a comprehensive packet of all our classroom needs. I tried to read through the other comments because I didn't want to copy. Did anyone have the idea for "Sharp Pencils" or "Need to be Sharpened"? I was also hoping that you could include a little sign that said, "Stop! Did you remember to highlight your name, date and number?" This is a pinterest inspired thing that I had my firsties do last year and believe it or not, IT WORKS!!!!

    I would love adding your super cute labels to my room for this year and if you would come over and check out my new blog!



  34. These are great!

    How about: library books, first aid, take home folders, shared reading tools (like highlighter tape and Post-it tape), pointers, chart paper, leveled books, magnets, sentence strips...

  35. My iPad froze and I didn't get to add my email!


    Thanks for all your hard work - I love your blog!

  36. If I were purchasing such a package I woould love to see labels I could put onto notebooks for my students... _________________'s Science Journal, ________________'s Math Journal, etc....also maybe a label to use on a take home folder or homework folder.

    I would also want labels for my desk "magazine" holders which I use for different storage...math team, Union, committees, etc. Maybe even a blank one I could add my own titles to.

    I love the set, and stumbled upon your blogs today. Thanks! (love the financial stuff as well...)



    1. OKAY...ONE MORE

      How about a sub folder label and maybe a few smaller labels for that? ALso, we have an emergency bag we keep by the door with emergency info, procedures, etc...maybe something for emergency notebooks or something..

      Also, listed my blogspots inappropriately.
      Only listing them because I will be sharing your blogs in mine today....


  37. Hi Tiffany! I would love to have some genres of literature labels for labeling baskets, shelves, etc. in the classroom library. Additionally, I would like to have some blank labels so that I could put student names on them. This may be a little too much, but I like color coding in my lesson plans, so using these labels (with colors) as headers in my lesson plan book or to organize guided reading groups would be beneficial. I think these are just fantastic and would highly recommend having them in different sizes and leaving some blank in the packet you sell so that teachers could edit them according to their needs. There are endless possibilities!


    P.S. What is that font you used? I'm a font maniac and I've never seen that one! I like it!

  38. Hi Tiffany,
    I would love to see some labels for a classroom library. Some of the labels I might include are: Insects, Birds, Mammals, Reptiles, Holidays, Magazines, Multi-cultural books, Health, Heroes, Habitats, Plants, Animals, Community, Maps, Countries, Space. Hope this is helpful.


  39. So cute! I love that your labels are colorful but not overwhelming. For schedule cards, I would include a label for "assembly" which we have three times a week, as well as morning work and dismissal. I would also use labels for classroom jobs (line leader, paper passer, etc.) and make it into a clip chart. ooh, did anyone else mention book buddies?

  40. Hi Tiffany,

    As a junior high school special education teacher I have some requests :)

    I'd love:
    ~Speech and Language Lesson (the SLP guest teaches in my room once a week which I LOVE!!!) :)
    ~Social Skills (see above)
    ~Instructional Assistant
    ~Hidden Curriculum
    ~Sensory Corner
    ~Fidget Toys
    ~Brownie Points
    ~Today's Date


  41. In my ESL classroom I have some trays which I keep things that need to go to different places around the school. They include the Office, the Library, the different classrooms or departments and the Sports Office. I also sometimes have to collect permission notes or absence notes or give back receipts and messages to students.
    I have some boxes of books and games which can be carried to a more comfortable position in the room as well as a box of dictionaries in many languages. I have a box of road signs, clocks, lego technics and books in the languages of my students.
    I don't know if anyone else would find ones like that useful but, you asked for suggestions.
    Great work - I love your creativity for organising.

  42. I would love labels for math manipulatives- money, pattern blocks, unisex cubes,counters, etc.


  43. Thought of a few more for us secondary folks - schedule labels like math, science, etc are common, but they don't work for secondary. We could use some that are more specific - Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, Math Models, PreCalculus, Calculus, Statistics, Biology, IPC, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science, Englis I, English II, English III, English IV, World Geography, US History, World History, Government, Economics. That covers the most common cores, at least in my area. Electives are endless, but you could hit the basics - art, theatre (or drama), band, PE/athletics, health, social skills...

    Thanks again!


  44. I am decorating in polka dots this year so I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this set. You always come up with the cutest things! I was thinking that printable labels for student folders/notebooks would be super cute too...(like the Avery labels - with your cute polka dot border around the edge and the student name could be typed on it.) We are departmentalizing and I thought it would be great to have those labels for my students' Science notebooks that will be left in my classroom.
    Also, I love the suggestion of the book baskets labels for the different genres. That would be great for the book baskets to match the other labels in the room.
    Plus, math manipulative labels. I know you have other math labels, but again to have them all match - that's awesome!!
    I always look forward to seeing what you come up with next!
    Thanks for all the great ideas!

    Lori Keller

  45. I was just looking for labels for my classroom yesterday! This is such a timely post. I would add labels for math manipulatives, like dice, counters, base 10 blocks, math games, pattern blocks, coins, etc. This is awesome! Thanks! woods.courtney at gmail.com

  46. I try to keep folders on my desk for the following: Absent Work, To Be Graded, Graded Papers/To Be Passed Out, To File, To Do, To Read, Substitute, To Copy. I love what you have so far! Hope these will help. :)

  47. Of course I forgot my email address... whited@greenvilleisd.com

  48. jsportd@gmail.com
    What about Final Draft Paper, Practice Paper, Writing, Puzzles, Crosswords, Find A Words, Handwriting, If you were absent..., For the substitute...,

  49. Safety rules, drawing tablets, book bags/coats, extra school supplies.


  50. Hey Tiffany - did you ever get these finished? I've been looking for them on TPT/TN!

    Miss V's Busy Bees


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