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Tell Me More, Tell Me More

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1. I am from a small town just outside of Scranton, Pennsylvania. I moved to Salt Lake City, Utah right after graduating high school to attend the University of Utah.

2. I am a total technology nerd. I love everything technology and have since my family bought our first Windows 98 computer back in 1998. The biggest reason I'm so good with tech is that I'm constantly experimenting with everything out of curiosity. I'm completely self-taught when it comes to creating documents in Word and PowerPoint (such as those I sell in my TPT store and my Etsy store) and fixing computers. I can't imagine life without internet and my computer.

3. I'm terrified of horses and birds. I've been attempting to face my fears lately, but haven't conquered them yet. I have no idea why I'm afraid of the two because I've never had a terrible experience with either, that I'm aware of.

4. I am in love and obsessed with color. I love as much color as possible, all of the time. But, with that being said, all of my classroom bags/storage from Thirty-One is black and white. While I love color, I change my mind often on the colors I want to use, so purchasing pricier things that I can't change out often, has to be in B&W.

5. I have another blog, The Nest Effect, which I started in April 2011 after finishing up student teaching. The blog focuses on home organization and life.

6. My favorite movie of all time is The Wizard of Oz. I love everything about it. I could watch it over and over again and sometimes find myself singing along or saying the lines.

7. I love a good TV series. When I find a new one to love, I become obsessed and will veg on the couch all weekend to get caught up. But on the other hand, I don't like watching TV. I guess I feel like a good TV series is more like a great movie since it goes on and on. I want something interesting that I can get into, like a good book.

8. All of the hangers in my closets are white. I cannot stand hangers to be different colors - it just drives me crazy. I have my closet organized by shirt type/sleeve length and by color (white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black). Tank tops have to be on hangers with the little cut outs (so they don't slip off) and everything else has to be on a regular hanger. I know this is crazy, but it's just how it has to be.

9. A lot of people are shocked by this... I recently purchased an iPad. I returned it 2 days later. There really isn't anything I can't do with my Kindle Fire that the iPad could do (except take pictures & videos...which I can't imagine doing with a tablet anyway).

10. In college, I lived off of income from selling things on eBay that I'd purchase at closeout sales. It wasn't the best income, but it allowed me to not have to work so I could study more.

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  1. I was wondering how different the iPad was from the Kindle Fire. I have the Kindle Fire now & it seems like a lot of the same. It was great getting to know more about you!
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