July 2012 - The Learning Effect

My Favorite: Blogs & Online Resources

Sad to say, I have no idea what life would be like without my laptop...or the internet. I love Pinterest. I love blogs. I love creating PowerPoints, Word Docs, printables, units, etc. electronically. I just simply love every single thing about technology. Today I'm sharing my favorite blogs and online resources with you. I wanted to use image links for all of them, but not every blog has a button and not every website has a decent logo image I can use. I've included a super short blurb to tell you what the websites are for, where needed.

Flashback: 2011 - 2012 My First Year Teaching in 2nd Grade

For my very first full-time teaching job I was hired right before Thanksgiving and started the following week. I was luckily hired on at the same school that I completed my student teaching at, so I was familiar with the school, faculty, and the whole educational philosophy and plan. I was assigned a 2nd grade position and my classroom was a disaster to start with. I whipped it into shape quickly, and things ran smoothly through the end of the year. It was definitely a successful first year of teaching.

The pictures are kind of in a random order. I'll credit where I was inspired by others.

My word wall was created with Erica Bohrer's Polka Dot Word Wall Labels from TPT. The ELA program for the district is Harcourt's Storytown. I added the high-frequency words to the wall, and words I was constantly being asked how to spell.


Flashback: 2010 - 2011 Student Teaching in 3rd Grade

I don't have a lot of pictures from my student teaching in 2010 - 2011. I wish I did. I was in 3rd grade at the school I taught at this past year. My student teaching experience started at the beginning of the school year, setting up the classroom with my site teacher. I was there two days a week during the fall semester, and then full-time during the spring semester until April 1. It was truly an amazing experience. I wanted to share some photos of projects and such. Most of the ideas are fully credited to my site teacher.

First week of school bulletin board display. The theme was lizards. The lizards on the tree had the students' names on them.

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