2012 - The Learning Effect

Help Please! Classroom Library Basket Labels

My classroom library is a mess. I've been purchasing new books like crazy over the last few months to make my library more grade appropriate. Being in 2nd grade last year, I had a lot of picture books. I've been purchasing chapter books from Scholastic, Amazon, and Sam's Club over the last few months and my library needs some revamping.

12 in 12


Now on TPT: Math Operations Vocabulary Posters

I just uploaded my Math Operations Vocabulary Posters to Teachers Pay Teachers. Check them out!


Technology Tutorial: Making Binder Covers & Spines

Reader, Brianne, sent left me a comment on the last post, asking if I could post a tutorial on how to create the binder covers. Of course!


My Year So Far... Back to School Night 2012

This year has been a whirlwind of craziness already. I think I may finally be somewhat settled into my new schedule, commute, school, students, etc. I spend 35 minutes commuting each way. I'm at school an hour and a half early and usually force myself to leave at 4 p.m. each day {when my contracted hours end}.

I'm enjoying my new school and students, but boy-oh-boy do I have a tough class this year - behaviorally and academically. We're working through it - slowly, but surely. I have a teaching assistant who bounces back and forth between the other 4th grade and my class. We have 53 kids in 4th grade. My teaching partner and I rotate in the afternoon. I teach science and art. He teaches P.E./health and social studies. It's so much fun to have 53 students who all feel like mine.

Now on TPT: Teacher and Classroom Organization Labels {+ A Freebie!}

Yesterday I uploaded the Teacher and Classroom Organization Labels I've been working on for the last few months. Thank you so much to all who contributed ideas for labels to add. I emailed the files to you yesterday if you left me your email in the comments.

There are 72 pages in this set, with 108 different labels and 2 versions of each label {which gives you a total of 216 labels}. The price for this file set is $10, but it is currently on sale for $5 until Wednesday, September 26.


I added "We're a Nut-free Classroom" signs that I had to create for my classroom this year. This freebie also comes in 6 different colors.


This Year's Classroom {2012-2013}

Tomorrow is the big day! I've spent the last week and a half setting up from scratch. While it was nice to have a brand new room and furniture to work with, that's about all that I had. It was up to me to purchase bookshelves, extra tables, and everything else. I can be reimbursed for these things, but it was a lot of work to go shopping, lug them into the school, and put everything together.

The pictures below are inconsistent because they were taken on two different days. Ignore that when viewing, please. =] I created a lot of the decor/signs myself, and I'll share soon.

tables from IKEA

bookcase from IKEA

A coworker asked me to make one of these signs for her files. I loved the idea, so I made one for me, too! Inspired by Finding Joy in 6th Grade.

Drawers from Walmart. Students turn in work in the correct drawer.

Cart from IKEA.

Table & stools from IKEA. Baskets from Dollar Tree. Bookshelves from Walmart.

Banner created on Vistaprint. Design by technology rocks. seriously.

Numbers are calendar numbers found at a local teacher store.

Poster created on Vistaprint. Design by technology rocks. seriously.

Frames from IKEA. I'm going to use them for homework.
I'll share Open House/Back to School Night pictures and documents I used later this week.

TPT Back to School Sale!

I am participating in the big TPT Back to School Sale from Sunday August 12 - Monday, August 13. Everything in my store will be 20% off and TPT is offering another 10% off with coupon code BTS12. {But then, for whatever reason, it will only end up being 28% off...I don't understand it myself.}
Thanks so much for all of your suggestions on my Teacher Labels file I'll be publishing soon. So many great ideas were given, so it's going to take me a few days to add them to the file. Unfortunately it won't be done before the sale, but when I list it, it will be 30% off for the first few days it's up.

I Need Your Help! Teacher & Classroom Organization Labels

I've been working on Teacher & Classroom Organization Labels for my TPT & TN stores. I need your help!

There are 117 different labels and 2 different styles/sizes. {So, total, there are 234 labels}. I included days of the week, months, common supplies, etc. The whole point of this file is to help you organize your classroom with fun labels. Since I know I can't think of every thing on my own, I'm asking for your help!

What other labels could I included in this file that would help you organize your classroom?

Here's what I have so far:

Thank you for your help!

Now on TPT: 3D Geometric Shape & U.S. Money Posters

I have really been going nuts lately, making lots of stuff for my TPT store.

Yesterday I uploaded two new files for purchase: 3D Geometric Shape Posters and U.S. Money Posters.

3D Geometric Shape Posters $1.20

Teacher Planner Sets on Sale for $10 Until Friday

Last week I shared a preview of my new teacher planners on TPT and gave one set away. The lucky winner was Meghan M.! I had such lovely feedback from y'all that I've decided to keep the $10 sale up until Friday night! It will end at 10 p.m. (MT). At that time, the teacher planner sets will return to their normal price of $13.

Free Printable: Number of the Day

I have added a new free file to Teachers Pay Teachers - Number of the Day. I use the Number of the Day worksheet during morning work to get my students familiar with all forms of a number. {Click on the image below to visit the listing page to download.}


My Brand New Classroom & Some Rambling...

I have been super busy lately!

Sunday I spent pretty much all day and night working on classroom / TPT files. I have some pretty great stuff that I just uploaded and will upload soon.

I also worked on my curriculum binders for this year. While Utah {as any other state} has its educational quirks, it sure has great online resources for teachers when it comes to curriculum! I absolutely love UEN! Even if you don't teach in Utah, I'd suggest you check it out. It's more than just curriculum objectives and standards.


Now on TPT: Teacher Planners {3 Different Designs} & a Giveaway

Over the last week, I've been working hard on Teacher Planners for my TPT store. There are 3 different designs available: Rainbow Polka Dot, Rainbow Hexagonal, and Black & White. All of the sets have the same documents {besides design and font}, with the exception of the B&W set having 6 additional covers to choose from. If you purchase the set, you'll be able to download the new monthly calendars next summer for no extra charge. These planners were made to be used year-to-year without having to purchase anything more. Any additions will be uploaded to the original listing, so you'll be able to get them at no extra charge.

Tell Me More, Tell Me More

I'm linking up at Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons for the Tell Me More, Tell Me More! linky party.

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