The Learning Effect
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Celebrate Your Students with End of Year Awards

The end of the school year is always so fun with celebrations of learning and student growth. Many teachers celebrate students with award ceremonies, which are fun and exciting for the first few years of school...

Learning Objectives 101

Learning objectives play an important role in every classroom. They guide what we teach and what the students' learning outcome is. Most administrators require that we have current learning objectives displayed in our classrooms. As teachers, a lot revolves around learning objectives.

How I Run Student Led Conferences in My Classroom

When I moved to NC and began teaching 5th grade I was introduced to student led conferences. I quickly fell in love.

Tech Tips: 5 Awesome Quiz Websites

I LOVE utilizing technology in the classroom. There are so many amazing educational resources out there but while I was still in the classroom, I felt like I didn't have the time to explore to find what I needed. That's why I'm sharing my favorites with you today!

Here are 5 of my favorite quiz websites that are free to use.

Year Round vs. Traditional Calendar - One Teacher's Perspective

Let me begin by saying this blog post is 100% my opinion. Obviously, every school environment is unique, as is every teacher's experience. I am writing this post to simply share my own experience and opinion of pros and cons of each type of calendar. I do not have children of my own, so I have no opinion on how one or the other affects children at home.

I am 6 weeks into my 7th year of teaching and just came back from a 3 week break. I started school with students on July 10th. Teachers started on July 3rd for a week of professional development. The previous school year ended on June 30th. Working at a year round school has its pros and cons, as does working at a traditional school. One of the hardest parts of year round is the turn around from one school year to another and this year was the first year I had to make that quick turn around.

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