Saturday, April 23, 2016

Annual Teacher Planner Sale

Last night I finished my final planner update. All 5 designs have now been updated for the 2016-2017 school year. If you've purchased one of my planners in the past, please redownload!

All 5 designs are 20% off April 23rd - 25th. Remember: each year you get to download the updates for FREE! All material is the same in each set, just with different themes and fonts. The planners are also editable so you can change the content to fit your needs!

A little background on my planners... Back in 2011 when I started teaching I bought an Erin Condren teacher planner as a gift to myself for working so hard to get my teaching degree. I absolutely loved the colors, fun quotes, beautiful design, etc. But after using the planner my first year teaching, I quickly realized that I truly only liked half of what the planner really offered. I didn't use a lot of the extra pages included, but wanted different pages in my planner instead. I wanted to be able to customize different parts, didn't care for writing in my own dates, etc. And the biggest turn off -- the price on a teacher's salary. I couldn't imagine spending $50 a year on something I was only visually in love with. 

That next summer I created my own planner and haven't looked back. I took what I loved about the EC planner and made it my own. For a fraction of the cost I print the planner myself and put it together with the Arc discbound binder system from Staples. I like being able to add in pages throughout the year, only include the pages I need for my calendar, and being able to type in my vacation dates, PTCs, and more. I see other teachers ordering stickers for their EC to customize it and give it a cohesive look (rather than handwriting dates and to change section titles) and that just kills me. I can't even imagine spending that extra money on top of what it already costs for the planner itself. But hey, that's me. ;)

Here is what some customers say about my teacher planners:
"Absolutely love this set! I teach Middle School, so I spent a few hours editing the "Weekly Planning Template" into pages for my needs (Monday - Friday, Periods 1 - 5). I am SO thankful to have such an adorable EDITABLE template AND matching covers, calendars, notes sheets... everything I need in one place. I will be printing all pages then binding together in a spiral. My co-workers will be SO jealous! I've already sent your link to several of them! Thanks again for a great product." - Kelli S.

"I love this... it's like having an Erin Condren planner for a fraction of the cost." - Janita S.

"Absolutely wonderful planner! I had everything that I wanted and even things that I didn't realize I needed. I love that this has everything an elementary teacher needs but also is easily tailored to a secondary teacher. I also love that she added matching spines! Great product and great seller." - Anonymous Buyer

"After 4 hours of going through different lesson planners I am so pleased to have your chosen yours! It looks amazing and with a 7 day a week calendar it is perfect for my summer lessons which i do seven days a week with my kids to prevent the summer slide. Thank you!" - NVW

"This is a well thought out, fantastic product. I'm so glad I bought it now so I can play with it and edit it while I'm at school. I really appreciate that you update it. That is such a money saver. This product is worth every penny, and it's not expensive when compared to other planners." - Mrs. Morganelli



Thursday, February 18, 2016

Tech Thursday: Save For Later on Facebook

Today I have a super cool (and useful) tip for you!

Have you ever been browsing Facebook and come across an article, picture, link, etc. that you want to look at later? Maybe you're on your phone and you want to visit a link to register for something - but on your computer where you can actually type efficiently. Or perhaps you want to save a picture of a lesson that your favorite teacher blogger has shared to reference later. Or it might be that you want to read an article later, but you're headed into the doctor and need to put your phone away. Well, my friends, there's an easy way to simply save these things for later.

Now, before I share this wonderful tip, you may be thinking something along the lines of -- "But I just share everything to my wall that I want to revisit later." Okay, I can see that... (and I had a friend tell me this exact thing) but sharing is meant for just that...sharing with others. And really, do you go back through your own wall, digging through other people's posts, comments, tags, etc.? Let's be real...sometimes I want to revisit an article that I don't want everyone to know that I'm reading. ;) Now they don't know.

In an Internet Browser:
>> Today I was on good ol' Facebook and wanted to save this article from Education to the Core about Instagram. Click the down arrow on the top right corner of the post.

>> Towards the bottom of the drop down menu, select "Save Link".

>> To access your saved links later, look for the "Saved" page on the left hand side, under your friends lists and groups.

>> All of your saved links, videos, photos, etc. show up on this page. They're nicely sorted in chronological order so you can quickly find what you're looking for. Once you're finished with an article, you can over over the post and click the "x" that shows up in the top right hand corner of the post.

From Your Phone / Tablet {within a Facebook app}:
>> In a Facebook app it's the same process. Click the top right hand down arrow on the post.

>> Select "Save Link".

>> To view your saved items in the app, click the 3 lines on the top right (where you go to find your profile, friends list, etc.) and scroll down to "Saved".

>>  Boom -- there are all of your saved articles! :)

I hope this tip was helpful for you! Happy saving!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Teacher Planner Users: I Need Your Help! ... Plus a Giveaway

This year I'm attempting to be proactive and get started on my teacher planner updates early. I know what I want and use in a planner, but I know we all have different wants/needs as far as a planner goes. I've created a survey to get your input on what you'd like to see added to or changed in the planners, what you use that's already included, where you're from, how you prefer the weekly planning pages, etc. This will help me create a planner for YOU more so than for me. ;)

The survey should only take you a minute or two. Whether or not you use my teacher planner, you could still fill out the survey if you want. Here's the link to the survey:

And as a thank you for your help, I'm giving away any one item from my TpT store {your choice}. Enter through the Rafflecopter widget below.

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